Plugin Loadmaster

 Mit Diesem Plugin kann man Loadbalancer von KEMP monitoren.
Entwickelt und getestet habe ich es mit einem LoadMaster 2200.
Diese Versionen werden unterstützt:
Es funktioniert auch mit folgenden Loadmastern
Mehr über die Produkte von KEMP unter:

Überprüft werden:
Wenn die Option --longperf genutzt werden soll, ist eine kleine Anpassung bei pnp4nagios nötig. Und zwar muss für diesen Check der RRD Type auf :  RRD_STORAGE_TYPE = MULTIPLE gestellt werden.
(mehr Information: rrd_convert)

 With this plugin you can monitor KEMPs loadmaster.
I have developed and tested with a load master 2200.
These versions are supported:
Works too with:

More about the products of Kemp at:

Checks are:

If you are use the option --longperf you need for pnp4nagios rrd RRD_STORAGE_TYPE = MULTIPLE.
(more information: rrd_convert)

(current version: 2013-07-04_0)
Download: check_loadmaster.php (Template for pnp4nagios 0.6.x)


2013-07-04_0 * change: some vSstate now are critical
                       * new: support for firmware 7.x
                       * new: vSstate 7 = errormsg
                       * improve: HTML output generating
                       * improve: error calculation

2013-03-07_0  * improve: better HTML output for Nagios and Thruk
                        * improve: new HTML Output, now it is classified

2012-12-12_0  * fix: did not prevent output in none ha state

2012-11-22_0  * new: more performance values with option --longperf
                              Attention, for pnp4nagios you need to setup the storagetype to multiple
                              (RRD_STORAGE_TYPE = MULTIPLE)
                        * change: because of feedback, I changed the Colors of unused warnings colors
                           to unknown now every warningcolor is the reason for returnstatus warning
                        * improve: add <nobr> to html output
                        * improve: status of real server (now it should work on all loadmaster systems)
                           it is a linux based OID, it proviedes the arp table

2012-05-25_0  * bugfix: now the script can handle loadmaster's whithout services -> now it works :)

 2012-05-24_0  * new: no Error/Warning if a Slave is monitored
                            * bugfix: now the script can handle loadmaster's whithout services

 2012-04-03_0  * bugfix for Loadmaster Version 5.1-74
                               ( OID vSidx does not exist in 5.1. )

 2012-03-26_0  * new: an other oid for RealServerStatus

 2012-03-07_0  * change: disabled reale servers are not warning any more

 2012-03-06_0  * bugfix: vService numbers are not consecutive in new Loadmaster version

 2012-02-21_0  * change: disabled services are not warning any more

 2012-02-09_0  * new: Support new Firmware 6.0

 2011-12-08_0  * new: redirect -> status ok
                            * bugfix: small changes of the html-view

 2011-12-07_0  * change: suppress a warning if no RS is defined for a VS

 2011-12-01_0  * change: if the first snmp_get isn't successfull, then the
                              plugin return with critical
                            * change: small changes

 2011-11-25_0  * change: Port 2 on KEMP Loadmaster means any port (*)
                            * new: an other OID for RealServerStatus
                            * new: add port output for virtual service

 2011-11-21_0  * bugfix getRSonVSStatus
                              many thanks to Bernd Kosmahl
                            * code cleaning

 2011-10-18_0  * first release

Veröffentlich auf/Published on:

./ -h
Version: 2011-11-21_0
usage: ./ -H hostaddress [-C snmp-community]
    -H --hostname=Hostname   Hostaddress
    -C --community=public       SNMP community (default is public)
    -p --port=161                        SNMP port (default is 161)
    -I --ignoreHosts=IP-Address,IP-Address
                                                   ignore real server
    -i --ignoreServices=VirtualServiceName,VirtualServiceName
                                                   ignore virtual services
    -w --warning=1min,5min,15min
                                                   Load warning
    -c --critical=1min,5min,15min
                                                   Load critical
    -h --help                                 show this help
    -d --debug                             debugging (-ddd for max debugging)
    --withhtml                              insert html tags to format output
    --longperf                              dynamic perfdata of virtualServer Packets and Connections
    ./ -H -C public

Screenshot: Service State Information (Webinterface: Thruk)

Screenshot: Service pnp4Nagios (Perfdata)